Lienzo restaurant

One MICHELIN star, one Sol Repsol.

From an art gallery Lienzo was born, now the art has not only left its walls, which periodically display the works of prominent artists, but is projected beyond, to the ephemeral art of the kitchen, painted and sculpted by the hands of chef María José Martínez. She is accompanied in this adventure by her partner Juanjo Soria, head waiter and sommelier, and her two partners Candi and Enrique.

Lienzo obtained its first MICHELIN Star in the 2021 edition of the renowned French guide, a star that it still holds today. The Repsol Guide also awarded Lienzo its first Sol in 2020, which it still holds today. The Sustainable Guide has considered Lienzo as one of the most outstanding sustainable restaurants in the Valencian Community. Lienzo is the only Valencian Michelin-starred restaurant with the maximum Molt Gust certification for its work promoting quality and organic agri-food products from the Valencian Community. Its chef has received the Aquanaria Madrid Fusión 2024 Sustainability Award.

More information

Chef Lienzo was born in Alhama de Murcia, her titanic personality and talent have led her to achieve everything she has set her mind to in the complicated world of professional cooking. Since she was a child she has been aware of the role of bees and pollination in nature, working with her father in the beehives of her native land, and today she permanently defends their figure and conservation by using honey, beeswax and other derivatives in her dishes. She collaborates in the dissemination of the Valencia City Council’s urban beekeeping project, and it is not unusual to see her climbing ladders more than five metres high to save a beehive. Sustainability is a maxim in Lienzo’s philosophy, the choice of small local producers, respectful of the environment and animal welfare, guarantee the excellence and sustainability of all the products they use to prepare their creative Mediterranean cuisine.

Juanjo Soria is the essence of Lienzo’s dining room and wine cellar, his exquisite treatment, his being without being, respecting the client’s intimacy and space, his attention to every detail and to the client’s needs, make him one of the most outstanding professionals in the hospitality industry in our country, his knowledge of the world of wine allows him to always establish the right harmony with the remarkable wines that form part of his carefully selected wine cellar.

The couple’s achievements at their restaurant Lienzo have earned them the 20th place in The Fork’s TOP100 Restaurants 2023, alongside the best restaurants in the country.


The interior of Lienzo