Lienzo restaurant

White neat and boundless. A canvas. In other words, LIENZO. MªJosé, Juanjo, Enrique and Candi painted on it their dreams. All of them as a team. Step by step. For they met and they instantly looked each other up. They complement, need and multiply each other.
The dream that flutters over Juanjo Soria and MªJosé Martínez’s heads gets even higher when both of them work together. They are like bees in search of flowers. “When one dreams, one can paint paintings, one can write books, one falls in love, two people fall in love, one gets to fight and find hope”, as Gloria Fuertes wrote once. They both traced their drawing on that blank dream: they sketched their feelings, they painted their passions and they filled this long-awaited restaurant with colours. They created an inspiring place where creativity, ingenuity, energy, fighting spirit and perseverance arise from it. A canvas full of colours, honey, scents and sea. A canvas where country and city meet resulting in flavours that let you remember dishes from yesterday: thoughtful and reinvented dishes.

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Lienzo is an avant-garde but also classic pencil-stroke. It is an explosion but also a serene oil painting of savoured sensations. Sensations that you can even breathe or feel. Lienzo is an authentic fresh product coated by a torrent of creativity, technique and experience stemming from our resolute successful cook. Thanks to her Estrella Michelin and her “sun” in the Repsol Guide, she is worth her recognition as a professional in Valencia (her home town) as well as far beyond our boundaries. Lienzo is the canvas in which MªJosé paints at his restaurant in Plaça Tetuan both delicacy and kindness. It is a synonym for authenticity and tenderness. It is true cuisine and it evolves at a high speed day by day, as if it had already found its path… as if it finally knew where to head. Honey as a point of connection, jars of clay, the most precise technique, the most demanding tasks, products without any compromise and a select wine cellar that takes pleasure in Valencian and Murcian scents. You can find up to 250 references in Juanjo Soria’s wine cellar.

These are the kind of wines that tell you a story once you open the bottle… like every gesture, every dish and every bright canvas decorating both room and kitchen. It is all about stories with a face, fearless brush-strokes, a staggered meal, a porcelain palette, some vegetables cooked in clay, a bee that delivers the best it has to you, a honey beer and a trickle of intense oil that reminds you that this canvas is an impetuous tribute to the Mediterranean. MªJosé Martínez and Juanjo Soria share the same dream and the same tomorrow. A tomorrow in which they will be able to show their happiness to the stars by filling their kitchens of magic and their tables of smiles. A white neat and boundless tomorrow… as an infinite canvas.

Written by Jesús Trelis

The interior of Lienzo