A cuisine based on seasonal products to suit the changing world and in which we believe on innovation without sacrificing our traditional flavors. So, our gastrotapas are: no simple portions, but full flavors fused in the right proportions and amounts that becomes the new flavor of Lienzo Restaurant.

Starters, meats, fish, rice, desserts and a wide variety of wines, that's what you can find in the menu of Restaurant Lienzo, everything prepared in their own palette of flavours.

We invite you to an unforgettable culinary journey!

  • Starters

    To get started... our starters: Valencian oyster; Valencian oyster with Agua de Valencia and sea grape; salty oreo cookie; fried cheese balls with black garlic cream; 'fartón' with crab, tamarind and peanuts; sobrassada, amond and honey caviar; spicy pork trotters and sweet potato; Dénia prawn, mango and dragon fruit; mussels from Valencia, fennel and coconut milk; cockles, glacial ficoid and sea weeds; squid, dashi and ink shawl; 'kokotxas', quinoa with basil pesto and bimi; baby octopus, spicy corn cream and fried yucca; mackerel, chard and smoked cheese; and tuna tartar and cherrys.

  • Fish

    For fish lovers: fresh cod and 'pericana'; crunchy hake, red pepper and piparras; and red mullet, quinoa, iberian broth and vegetables. Will delight and cover the gourmets expectations!

  • Meats

    For meat lovers: Galician beef entrecotte; Black Angus with rhubarb chutney; sukling pig with appel sauce and ginger; and steak tartare.

  • Desserts

    In Lienzo Restaurant desserts are the time to finish our master piece, to give the final touch, a touch of distinction. All is captured in our dessert menu, where you can find: fruits of the forest; mango passion; coffee dessert; rose of the desert; liquorice, coke and strawberry; and our Cheeseboard.

  • Wines

    Lienzo Restaurant offers its customers an extensive choice in order to get a complete dining experience where wine plays a significant role.